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Do you happen to have Haruichi ver, too for Cloud Nine? I would really appreciate if have and share it to us, Thanks!

yep I have it, I´ve already updated it I hope you enjoy it <3

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Shounen Hollywood TV Series
OP 1 Song - Hello Sekai
Ryota Ohsaka; Tetsuya Kakihara; Daiki Yamashita; Shouta Aoi& Kensho Ono

  • Track: ハロー世界
  • Artist: Shonen Hollywood
  • Album: Hello Sekai
  • Plays: 1797
hello, can you tell me where can I watch the full version of BanPresto which Ohsaka-kun raped Suzuken? lol. I was searching on nico-nico but failed. Thanks.

hello! at first I´m very very very sorry for haven´t answered you back but I was dead in tubmlr for a long long time so I didn´t watch your mail orz orz orz 

well here you have here

pw: 140220 -the numbers at the beginnig xD- 

I hope you don´t hate me please I´m very sorry xD

so when you have download it please tell me because I´ll hide it again ok?

if you need something more feel free mail me, I son´t desapear again xD

thank you so much